1. Whiskey Regret

From the recording Stephanie Ryann

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Music & Lyrics by Stephanie Ryann & Kevin Totoian

Produced by Randy Funke, Stephanie Ryann, & Kevin Totoian
Recorded & Mixed by Randy Funke at Tree Top Sound
Mastered by Amy Marie at Yes Master Studios, Nashville, TN

Lead Vocals & Background Vocals, Stephanie Ryann
Acoustic, Electric & Slide Guitars, Harmonica, Bass, Kevin Totoian
Electric Guitar, Randy Funke*
Drums, Percussion, Brian Griffin
Pedal Steel, John Widgren
Fiddle, Cassandra Sotos
Keyboards, Ben Stivers
Background Vocals, Dee Sawyer


6 am, rolling back in
A long night has ended
Of whiskey and sin

What did I do?
What did I say?
Pour me another
Make the past go away

The truth is something I'd like to forget
Pour me another glass of whiskey regret

Picking up pieces
Of memories gone
I couldn't tell ya
How the hell I got home

I can’t explain
Can't remember his name
Pour me another
I feel so ashamed

Last nights clothes smell like cigarettes
Pour me another glass of whiskey regret

Questions haunting the past 10 hours
Something brought out that old wild child
Going over last nights late texts
Someone tell me what I do next yea

Memories flooding
Back to my mind
Starting to realize
The night’s in rewind
Shaking my head
At the things that I said
Pour me another
The mysteries dead

Next time I'll remember to forget
Pour me another glass of whiskey regret