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Ain't Nothing Better

Stephanie Ryann

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Written by Stephanie Ryann, Dariann Leigh, and Taylor Teasley. Produced by Brent Rader.

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Stephanie Ryann is a woman who's got something to say, whether you want to listen or not. Ryann's latest release "Ain't Nothing Better", celebrates her love of a certain amber-colored spirit many know and love, while her previous single “I Should”, featured society’s version of “success”, that of which Ryann has no intention of following. Embracing country music's forward progression, Ryann's "storyteller" lyrics and unique vocal stylings showcase her influences from country, pop, rock and folk music. While COVID-19 shut down most of the music industry, Ryann took the opportunity to hone her songwriting skills and teach herself guitar, which lead to the creation of her COVID-inspired single, “Nights Like These”, which is Ryann's most streamed single to date. 

The 34 year old is no stranger to the music industry, spending most of her late teens and early 20’s auditioning for tv shows such as American Idol, Nashville Star, and The Voice to assist in jump starting her career. When that proved to be more of a dead end than an open road, Ryann looked to friends and fellow musicians Eliot Lewis (of the legendary pop duo Hall & Oates) and Kevin Totoian (of the award winning band Tangled Vine) to forge her own path into the music industry. In late 2018, Ryann released her debut, self-titled, EP and has been releasing singles ever since. 

Due to the pandemic, Ryann has been regularly gigging her own shows via Instagram Live, as well as hosting live-streaming events for various media outlets including radio stations, music blogs and music venues since the beginning of April 2020. As stated by Patrick at Southern Fellow, "Stephanie Ryann doesn't just flirt with country music like many these days; she goes straight for the soul of it."